iPhone 4 / HD with Aluminum Unibody Concept

Since the introduction of iPhone (EDGE) in 2007, Apple remained the unipolar champion of the smartphone world. But its unchallenged supremacy has now been challenged by other stalwarts like Google’s Android, and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series by Microsoft. It will be obligatory for Apple to bring some innovative changes to the device and it just cannot afford the luxury of cooling its heels. In the meanwhile, Android continues to gather momentum, and whereas it lacks iPhone’s content and elegance, yet it has started matching Apple in terms of features.

iPhone 4 - HD

Apple has no option but to leap ahead of the competition once again this summer, where it is expected to be launching its 4th generation iPhone. Steve Jobs has reportedly confirmed an "A+ update" for iPhone, and that "Apple will deliver aggressive updates to iPhone that Android/Google won’t be able to keep up with". But what should we all expect from the new device? Some speculations and expectations from the new device are in the ensuing paragraphs.

As far as the name is concerned, it will mostly likely going to be called something on the lines of iPhone 4, or iPhone HD as Engadget found out a few days ago. It is expected to ship with a major new iPhone OS update – the iPhone 4.0 firmware. John Gruber of Daring Fireball the other day hinted at a possible 960×640 display, which is higher than the best of the best Android phones like Nexus One and EVO 4G, or even the WinMo based HD2 – which features a 800×400 resolution screen. Some other facts which are making the rounds for the said device are listed as follows.

Apart from these specs, another important aspect will be the form factor for the new iPhone. Yes, iPhone is still one of the most sexy gadgets to have but come on, the look and feel is now getting old and is need of a change. It’s been three years now that we have had hold almost the same looking device. The original iPhone (EDGE) had rugged metallic back and therefore was heavy, where as later on, iPhone 3G/3GS series were lighter as it had plastic back. While the use of plastics was practical in terms of signal strength, but for some, it gave a cheap look and feel in the hand. Looking at the popularity of unibody Aluminum enclosure of MacBook Pro, it will be only wise for Apple now to introduce an aluminum unibody makeover for the next-gen iPhone 4 as well. This will give it a unique look in comparison to its competitors today, just like how different MacBook Pros are in the PC market. This unibody enclosure concept for the iPhone can be seen in the image attached above. Looks a hell a lot like iPad isn’t it? [via Mac Predictions]

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