This App for Apple Watch Can Help Detect When Your Body Is Fighting A Virus

Right now it’s impossible to be in the world of technology and find yourself surrounded by news about coronavirus. But the latest  example of that is actually some good news, for a change.

It comes in the form of the updated Cardiogram app for the Apple Watch and its ability to help detect when your body is fighting a virus.

The app has long been helping people to keep tabs on their health, including their heart rate via the Apple Watch as well as other devices. This new update keeps track of your heart rate while you sleep, allowing it to predict when you might fall ill.

It does that by noting when your BPM rises overnight. Why is that important? Because when someone is ill their immune system tries to fight that by releasing histamines into the bloodstream. The brain then tells the heart to pump more quickly in order to get those histamines around the body as quickly as possible. And as a result, your heart rate increases.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your Apple Watch can tell you whether you have coronavirus, and you shouldn’t be rushing out to buy an Apple Watch just to use this app for that purpose. But it’s another interesting data point for those who like to have as much information available to them as possible. And knowing what your body is doing while you sleep is part of that.

You can download Cardiogram for free from the App Store, with a Premium Membership costing $25 per year.

(Download: Cardiogram for iPhone and Apple Watch from the App Store)

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