How To Enable Apple Watch ECG Feature In Any Country

Looking for Apple Watch ECG app hack? Here’s how to enable the feature outside US in any unsupported country on Series 5 or 4 Running watchOS 6 and iOS 13 iPhone. No jailbreak is required for this to work.

If you’re using an Apple Watch in a country where the ECG and Irregular Rhythm Notification feature hasn’t been officially activated, we have good news. There might be a way to get around that little problem. There are, as ever, some caveats though.

First, you need to have bought your Apple Watch in one of the countries where the ECG app is enabled. If that’s the case you’ll also need an iPhone that has an up-to-date installation of iOS. You can grab the correct model watch from here:

You’ll also need to have a Mac or PC handy so you can run the iMazing app that you’re going to be using. And finally, the iPhone you’re using must have some form of Health data already present. It probably does, but if not it might be worth going for a walk to make sure it’s logging steps.

Assuming all of those ducks are in a row, here’s how to go about making all of this happen. Make sure you have a full backup before you do this, too. That’s a backup on top of the one we’re about to create, by the way.

  1. First, unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  2. Next, download and use iMazing to make an encrypted backup of your iPhone. It has to be encrypted for this to work. To download iMazing, head over to the URL here.
  3. Once the backup is made, you need to edit the newly created backup in iMazing app. Just click the backup in the app and then click “Edit”.
  4. Select “Editable Backups” in the left pane and then browse to HomeDomain/Library/Preferences.
  5. Place this PLIST into that location. If one already exists, overwrite it. This file will basically activate ECG app on your Apple Watch even if it’s being activated in a country outside the ones supported at this time.
  6. Now you need to restore your iPhone using the backup that you just edited. To do this, while in iMazing app, select the backup you just edited from “Editable Backups” in the left pane and then click on “Restore to Devices” from the right pane. Now wait for restore to complete.
  7. Once the restoration is complete, re-pair your Apple Watch with iPhone and set it up as a new watch. Don’t restore from a backup! That will overwrite everything we just did. If you have issues, unpair and then re-pair and try again.
  8. Now you should have the ECG app available.

And that should be all there is to it. Good luck, and make sure you take a full backup of everything using iTunes or iCloud before you do any of this! We have tested and can confirm that this works as of iOS 13.2 on iPhone and watchOS 6.1 running on Apple Watch Series 5.

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