Review: Adidas Trefoil Canvas Snap Case For iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro

Here’s our review of Adidas Trefoil Canvas Snap Case for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro that you might be interested in checking out.

At this point there is no point in arguing that Apple’s iPhones aren’t slippery little devils. They’re like babies – take your eyes off one for a moment and it’ll fall to the floor, or end up covered in food. Probably the first one more than the second one, actually. But the point stands, and if you have an expensive iPhone you’ll probably want to keep it in tip top condition for as long as possible. And the only real way to do that is a case; like the Adidas Trefoil Canvas Snap Case.

I’ve been testing the blue (Blurbird / White) Trefoil Canvas Snap Case on my Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro for a week or so and it’s actually one of my favorite cases right now.

Sure, it doesn’t have the look or feel of an Apple Leather Case, but few cases do. What it does do is keep your iPhone protected while making it less likely to fly across the room like an overly coddled bar of soap.

The case itself comes in both Bluebird and Scarlet colors. The blue is a striking, vibrant blue and it goes with the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro beautifully. I haven’t seen the red one in person, but it sure looks equally vibrant in the photos I’ve seen. The construction if flexible TPU which makes it relatively easy to put the case on and take it back off again, and the rear of the case is “tonal canvas” which makes for a rather nice feel in the hand.

In the middle of that canvas rear is a large Trefoil Adidas logo. Now, I could take or leave the logo itself. If you’re a big Adidas fan or are just more sporty than me I can imagine the logo being a positive here. For me, it’s a little on the large side and I’m not sure how I’d feel whipping this thing out to use Apple Pay. But that’s a me problem, rather than a case problem. Your mileage may very well vary here.

In use, the case feels good in the hand and all of the usual speaker and mute switch holes are where they need to be. There’s no large cutout at the bottom of the case to make it easier to swipe upwards, like the aforementioned Apple leather cases, but it’s something I got used to surprisingly quickly. I wouldn’t call it an issue, but something worth noting in case it has the potential to get on your nerves.

All in, I like this case. I do wish that logo wasn’t there, or that it wasn’t quite so large, but as a case to protect an iPhone and make it easier to hold, I’m a fan. You can pick one up in Bluebird / White, or Scarlet / White for yourself for $29.99.

Buy: Adidas Trefoil Canvas Snap Case for iPhone 11 – Various Colors: $29.99

Buy: Adidas Trefoil Canvas Snap Case for iPhone 11 Pro – Various Colors: $29.99

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