iOS 13.2.3 Jailbreak With Checkra1n Update Likely To Come Soon

iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak with checkra1n update might soon become a reality. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Long live the cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers! Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has very recently released iOS 13.2.3 for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Now, it’s the turn of the security researchers and jailbreakers, meaning that we fully expect to see an updated version of the checkm8-based checkra1n in order to offer iOS 13.2.3 compatibility.

If you are familiar with checkra1n and what it offers, or even if you are not currently, then you should know that its power lies in the fact that its architecture is based upon a powerful and very rare bootrom-based exploit. The existence of that bootrom exploit means that the jailbreak payload is executed before the operating system even kicks in, which, in turn, means that Apple cannot patch it on affected devices and cannot block it with a software update as the vulnerability is in hardware.

So, yes, that’s right, it means that iOS 13.2.3 can be jailbroken on compatible hardware – iPhone 5s through iPhone X – and there is literally nothing that Apple can do about it. But it also means that the checkra1n team will likely need to run through some spot checks with the current tool and likely push out an update to the offering to ensure that it offers full and seamless compatibility with all compatible devices running the latest firmware to be released by Apple.

Currently, there hasn’t been an official announcement on this or any time-based indication on when the checkra1n team will actually push something out with official support for the latest released iOS 13.2.3. But given that checkra1n is based upon a bootrom exploit, and Apple can do absolutely nothing about it from a firmware perspective, it would seem like a huge lost opportunity to not offer a new release to support those who are moving to iOS 13.2.3 in pursuit of Apple’s latest improvements and important fixes.

Right now, checkra1n is still officially classified as a “beta” product. Version 0.9.5 is the latest release offering support for iPhone 5s through iPhone X running iOS 12.3 and above but the team is still advising that it should not be ran via macOS on a primary daily driver device. Let’s all sit back and wait for that official announcement to come.

If you haven’t jailbroken yet, check out our video tutorial below on how to jailbreak iOS 13.2.2:

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