Checkra1n For Windows: Here’s How To Jailbreak Now!

Looking for Checkra1n for Windows download or release date? Well here is how you can jailbreak right now!

The highly-anticipated Checkra1n jailbreak based on axi0m’s checkm8 bootrom exploit is finally here! The jailbreak community has really needed the lift that Checkra1n has brought but, as we know, it’s currently only “officially” available for macOS users. With that said, in truly spirited fashion, where there is a will there is genuinely a way for people.

So, Checkra1n is officially here for macOS users but where does that leave the huge number of passionate jailbreakers who have a Windows machine? As far as the team behind Checkra1n is concerned, it leaves them having to sit and wait patiently for some additional compatibility to be carried out before they can release a Windows version. In the words of the team, they need to pull together a kernel driver for the Windows platform:

We need to write a kernel driver to support Windows (which is a very complex piece of code!) which will take time. Rest assured however, we are working hard on it.

Borrow a Mac from a friend or family

While that team is pulling together “complex piece of code,” what can you do as a Windows user to benefit from Checkra1n and get yourself a liberated device? The official answer is waiting for an official release, whereas the more creative answer is that you can get your hands on friends or colleagues MacBook or iMac and use the already released version of Checkra1n for macOS to liberate your device.

Set up a Hackistosh PC

Alternatively, you could also go through the process of pulling together a Hackintosh build on the Windows machine in order to get themselves into the Windows environment. You can find a guide on it here.

What about macOS VM on Windows PC?

Well macOS on a VM won’t do the trick unless and until you are able to remap USB for the virtual machine which is a very complex thing to do. This therefore is by no means a simple task and requires time, effort, and knowledge to be invested.

Update: More on running in VM below:

Regarding virtual machines: Support in virtual machines requires doing a passthrough via IOMMU (i.e. passing in a controller at the PCIe level) or similar. Software USB passthrough solutions are very likely to not expose an accurate enough USB stack to perform the exploit.

The simplest means by far is to simply exercise some patience and wait for the team to release a fully functional Windows version of Checkra1n. If you don’t have that level of patience, then the above two options are definitely available to you if you want to take on the task.

If you haven’t jailbroken yet, check out our video tutorial below on how to jailbreak iOS 13.2.2:

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