iPhone 3GS Pwns Android 2.2 Froyo (with Flash) on Nexus One in Web Browser Speed Test

Android 2.2 aka Froyo is without a doubt the best version of Android OS that we have seen yet! The main thing which everyone was interested to find out was about the speed of the browser which Google claims to be the fastest amongst any of the mobile web browsers available on any platform today.

Android 2.2 on Nexus One

Google really got everyone excited in a demo at the I/O 2010 in which they showed Android 2.2 web browser on Nexus One running faster than Safari on the iPad. Now whether Google’s claim of Froyo having the fastest mobile browser on the planet is true or not can be seen in the video attached below. The video compares the web browser in newly released Android 2.2 (running on Nexus One) with that of Safari running on iPhone 3GS and Opera Mobile on HTC HD2.

Check out the video below to see which phone and browser comes out on top!

So is Google making up things by themselves? or has Flash 10.1 slowed things down a bit for them on Nexus One? Is Steve Jobs right about Flash as a thing of the past? Is iPhone better off without Flash? We’ll soon do a video of our own to answer all those questions. Stay tuned! [via PocketNow]

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