Apple Says Genmoji Will Work Just Like Emoji Including Third-Party Apps

Apple’s WWDC announcement of iOS 18 and the rest of its big new software updates earlier this week brought with it plenty of new features.

Genmoji is just one example of those new features, and they’re designed to give people the chance to use Apple Intelligence to create their own emojis on the fly. But that doesn’t mean that they will be limited in where they can be used.

That’s according to a new 9to5Mac report which references a WWDC session that confirmed Apple intends that Genmojis will work anywhere and everywhere, just like emojis. There will also be an API made available for third-party apps, too.

Introducing NSAdaptiveImageGlyph, a brand new API to support using Genmoji and other personalized images just like a standard emoji! NSAdaptiveImageGlyphs are powered by a standard image format in a square aspect ratio with multiple resolutions, and bolstered by additional metadata such as a globally unique and stable identifier a content description that can be used for accessibility, and alignment metrics to allow proper layout and placement of images so they can be used with and formatted alongside regular text. You can use Genmoji all by themselves or combine them with text. You can format them, copy them, paste them, and even send them as stickers.

Apple Intelligence will offer a whole range of new AI-driven capabilities and Genmojis is just one example. Users will also be able to have Apple Intelligence help write emails and a whole lot more, too.

The Apple Intelligence launch will take place in beta form alongside the release of iOS 18 and Apple’s other software updates this fall.

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