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Android 2.2 aka Froyo is without a doubt the best version of Android OS that we have seen yet! The main thing which everyone was interested to find out was about the speed of the browser which Google claims to be the fastest amongst any of the mobile web browsers available on any platform today.

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It has been confirmed by Opera via their official twitter account that they have sent their most renowned mobile browser Opera Mini today to Apple for approval. So where’s the Safari headed after this? Another browser war on the rise? or just a step by Opera to gain publicity.

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Opera has just released a new beta version of their popular web browser for mobile – the Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3. New to this version is added support of Flash Lite 3.1 for Windows Mobile which enables Windows phones to run some lite Flash stuff right in the browser itself. The option however is disabled by default, you will have to enable it by going to Tools > Settings > Advanced and set plug-ins to “On”.

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