7 IG Hacks To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

Want to increase your Instagram reel views and reach the heights of your Instagram career? Well, you’re not alone in this, almost 86% of Instagram reels creators struggle with very low IG reel views. So how can you make your place in the top 14% of IG reels creators?

It’s easier than you can imagine so keep reading because this blog will discuss the 7 best hacks to help you get more views on Instagram reels. Moreover, the blog will also cover everything that you must avoid to get as many reel views as possible.

The Algorithm and Instagram Reel Views

The algorithm of Instagram used to be a very unpredictable one but with time, the dust settled down and everyone could see how easy it was to get a hold of it and just fly off on a never-ending growth journey. The same goes for Instagram reels which came as a surprise to everyone but soon became one of the most favorite features of every other Instagram user, creator, and even professional brands and businesses.

The algorithm of Instagram has been tweaked with time in such a way that it promotes reels more than anything. For creators and brands, creating reels can be a better alternative if you’re trying to enhance your overall presence on the platform.

The 7 Best Hacks to Get More Reel Views on Instagram

Now that you know how the IG algorithm works and how exactly it helps the creators who create reels, it’s time we take a look at the best hacks that anyone can use to get more Instagram reel views.

1. Your Timing Matters

Out of the 24 hours that you have in a day, just any random hour won’t be suitable to post reels if your goal is to get as many views as possible. You need to post your reel at the perfect time at which all your followers are able to see your reel and engage with it.

For this, you must first convert your profile into a professional one (a creator profile or business profile) to unlock insights and metrics. Once your insights are unlocked, you’ll be able to see all the data of your followers and the content you post. Here, you need to find and note the timing at which your audience is most active and change your content posting strategy according to it.

Suppose your audience is mostly active around 6 PM, then you need to post your reels at around 5:15 – 5:45 PM so that your reel can reach your maximum audience and hence gain the maximum possible views in the minimum amount of time.

2.  Leverage Trending Audios

‘Trending Audios’ is a recently launched feature of Instagram that tells us if a piece of music or audio is being actively used by a lot of creators. Such audios have a symbol of rising chart adjacent to the audio which makes it easy to identify such music.

Using these audio pieces in your reels can prove very beneficial as the algorithm has been promoting all the reels that are being created using trending audios. So if you’ve been witnessing a serious dip in your reel views, trending audio can be your way out of the situation.

3. Time to explore social media growth services

Watching your IG reel views dip can be very painful but the thing is, there’s an antidote for every pain out there and in your case, a trusted Instagram growth service like buyinstantviews can serve as an antidote for you.

You can invest in their service to buy Instagram reel views and increase your reel views almost instantly. Moreover, their service promises instant delivery and a complete refund if you don’t receive your reels views making it one of the best and most reliable services on the internet.

4. Make those Hashtags your best friend

Having a best friend is always a blessing especially, if your best friend knows how to take you out of the worst situations. In the realm of Instagram, hashtags often serve as the best friends of creators and businesses that help them reach their content to the exact audience that they wish.

Using relevant and trending hashtags has got to be one of the best organic methods that anyone can use to reach very broad or even specific audiences that are actually interested in the content that you post.

Suppose you’re a filmmaker Instagram reels creator, then using hashtags likes #filmmaking #cinema #cinematography can help you reach the audience that’s actually interested in these topics. This way, you can maximize your Instagram views, and even bag some loyal followers for absolutely free.

5. Collaborations for the win

For the longest time, collaborations were a mere third-party term on Instagram but by the end of 2022, IG realized how important collaborations were for the platform. We guess this realization compelled Meta to integrate a collaboration post feature on the platform that now allowed users to officially collaborate with other Instagram users for reels and even posts.

If you’re a creator or brand, then collaborating for reels with other creators can be your go-to solution to reach your collaborator’s audience and increase your Instagram reel views with very little effort.

6. You’re not limited to Instagram alone

Yes, Instagram is a great platform but it’s not the only platform that you need to rely on to grow your IG profile. To increase Instagram reel views, you can always copy your reel’s link and share it on other social media platforms.

This way you can not only promote your reels on IG but also get some traffic from other social media platforms as well. And who knows, maybe this extra traffic will convert into some extra followers?

7. Create some relatable content

Relatability is very unique on Instagram and if you’re a creator who can create and provide your users with some good quality relatable content then all you need is some patience to see your IG reel views soar and overflow.

Just try to understand what your audience likes and relates with and provide them with the exact same content to foster long-term and continued growth on Instagram.

Things to avoid on your Instagram growth journey

While it’s important to do absolutely everything that you can so your Instagram reel views spike through the charts, it’s also important to avoid everything in your power to ensure a safe and continued growth of your IG reel views.

Eww! Is that a low-quality reel?

Quality is a serious concern on Instagram. Creating a low-quality reel and a great-quality reel can create all the difference in your Insta journey. As a professional, you must ensure that your audience gets to see the best of what you can provide them with. And for that, you can invest in a better camera or mobile phone along with a basic setup to consistently provide your audience with good quality reels,

No one’s reading those long captions

Captions play an important role on Instagram but at the same time, over optimizing a caption can pose a threat to your reel’s reach and overall engagement on the platform. A simple rule of thumb for captions is to keep your captions crisp and related to your content so your audience can understand the crux of your reel in a glance instead of reading a whole story in your caption until and unless the reel needs a long caption.

Don’t avoid that organic engagement

Posting reels can bring a ton of engagement your way in the form of comments and DMs. While this engagement can automatically help you reach a lot larger audience organically, engaging back with these comments and DMs can be a great initiative as well. So make sure that you’re not avoiding such engagement and must make the most out of them.

Parting Words

We hope this blog could provide you with some valuable insights into the workings of the IG algorithm and Instagram reels. Keep in mind that Instagram is a very dynamic platform and the norms keep changing. All you need is consistent efforts, regular involvement, and discipline to keep climbing those stairs of success and watch your Instagram reels views reach the skies in no time.

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