Wireless Charging Isn’t Working For Some iPhone 11 Users Running iOS 13.1.3

It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch without someone, somewhere, having problems. This time around, it sounds like wireless charging is causing users some trouble, particularly for iPhone 11 owners.

There are multiple reports on Apple’s own support forums in which users complain that their iPhone 11 simply refuses to charge wirelessly. Some say that their iPhone even gets warm, as if it is trying to charge, but that the battery doesn’t actually seem to be charging. The heat is a concern here, because it shows that power is going somewhere but it’s just being converted to heat rather than being stored in the battery.

Some have suggested that this all started with the arrival of a software update, but the story differs depending on who you listen to. Some blame iOS 13.1.2 and 13.1.3, others iOS 13.1.1. Yet more blame the iOS 13.2 betas that are available. None of that makes us think that this is actually software that’s at fault, at least, not something specific to a certain update.

It doesn’t seem to be specific wireless chargers that are at fault, either. It’s about as random as these things can get, and that’s what makes it difficult to pin down.

Apple, for its part, hasn’t said a word about what’s going on. Whether it will or not is anyone’s guess, but if you find yourself in the position of owning an iPhone 11 that refuses to charge wirelessly, we’d suggest taking it into an Apple Store to have it replaced. Something, clearly, isn’t right. We probably wouldn’t leave it sat on a wireless charger for too long, either.

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