15 Reasons Why You Should Install iOS 13 On iPhone Today

Here are the top 15 reasons why you should install iOS 13 firmware update today on your iPhone or iPod touch device.

Apple has finally taken iOS 13 out of beta and made it available to anyone with a compatible device. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably wondering whether you should get the update installed or not. There are plenty of reasons for and against, but if you’re not waiting for a jailbreak, you can probably go ahead and update right now.

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Faster Overall Performance And Face ID

As always, this release promises to be faster than iOS 12. Depending on the hardware you’re installing it on, that will probably be the case, too. In our testing, it’s felt suitably snappy in general use. And the same goes for Face ID, too.

Dark Mode

It’s here. After years of wishing, a system-wide dark mode is upon us. You’ve probably seen tons of app updates that include support for Apple’s Dark Mode, and that’s great. Because once you flick that switch in the Settings app or Control Center you can be sure that as many apps as possible will obey it.

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Revamped CarPlay

Apple has given CarPlay a real lick of paint with this update. New maps, improved Siri, a new dashboard interface, and the ability to use one app in CarPlay mode while using another on your iPhone – what’s not to like? The last one is worth the cost of admission alone. And considering iOS 13 is free, what are you waiting for?

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Swype (QuickPath) Keyboard

Yes, this is something Android has had for years. And yes, you can use third-party iOS keyboards that already do this. But this one is from Apple, and it’s there by default. It actually works surprisingly well, too. Tap on the keyboard, swipe from character to character, and iOS figures out what you’re trying to say, at least, it does most of the time.

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Revamped Photos App

We might not have got any sort of shared Photos library, but we did get a new Photos app. Now it’s easier than ever to find images and iOS will surface those it thinks are particularly suitable to the given date, etc. It looks much, much nicer and generally feels like something from 2019 rather than 2009.

Sign In With Apple

Apple is trying to make it easier to sign into apps and services without having to hand over your details or create new accounts. It will also hopefully do away with Sign in with Facebook and Sign in with Google, too. Apple will even create you a throwaway email account that apps and services can use to reach you without having your real email address. How cool is that?

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is Apple’s subscription service that gives you access to more than 100 games for just $4.99 per month. None of those games will include ads or in-app purchases, and some of the ones we’ve seen already look pretty amazing. You can get a free one-month trial, so why not just take it for a try?

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PS4 And Xbox Controller Support

Apple has added support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers as part of its newfound focus on gaming. You just pair your controller and play, whether that’s on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can even do it on your Mac, too!

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FaceTime And iMessage Using Dual-SIM

If you’re someone who uses Apple’s dual-SIM functionality, being able to make and receive FaceTime calls as well as use iMessage with both numbers is huge. You’ll need to update to iOS 13 to get that, and more.

Custom iMessage Profile

Ever wanted to be able to set a name and profile photo that will appear when you send iMessages to people? Now you can, so you’ll always know that your friends have the most up-to-date profile. And you can even use a Memoji if that’s your idea of fun.

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Desktop-Class Safari With Support For File Downloading

Downloading files and having better support for desktop websites is something we’ve all been crying out for with Safari. With iOS 13, Apple finally added them. Not only can you download files and even set a downloads folder for use in the Files app, but you can also finally use things like Google Docs in Safari. In general, desktop versions of websites now work so much better than before.

USB Flash Drive Support In Files App

Being able to plug a USB storage drive into an iOS device and then seeing its contents in the Files app is something that should have been a feature for a long, long time. Apple added that with iOS 13, making the system and the Files app feel much more like a computer. The addition of this feature shouldn’t be undersold.

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Bluetooth Mouse Support

Yes, it’s an accessibility feature, but the fact that you can use a mouse on iOS is nothing short of amazing. You can even configure multiple mouse buttons to common iOS tasks like going Home, too.

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Full-Page Screenshots

Taking a full-page screenshot in Safari is something that has required a third-party app for years. With this update iOS 13 brings the same feature to the system. When you take a screenshot you’ll be given the option to either capture what’s on-screen, or the entire page.

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100s More

That list might seem like a lot of reasons to update, but there are many, many more to be had. And not all of them are immediately apparent, either.

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