iOS 13 Release: Here’s How To Prepare Your iPhone Right Now For The Update

Looking for iOS 13 release? Here’s how to prepare your iPhone right now for the upcoming major firmware update.

You may be excited about Apple’s official iOS 13 release. After all, there has been enough press coverage about it over the last few months. The update will be dropping imminently but if you are planning on taking the leap and upgrade, then you want to make sure that you do it properly.

Rather than waffling on and waxing lyrical about Apple, iOS 13, and the devices that it supports, let’s simply dive right in and take a look at what you need to do to be effectively prepared for the update.

Check Devices Compatibility

This one goes without saying, but if your device isn’t compatible with iOS 13, then you won’t be able to play along. So, the first thing is actually checking whether or not you have that level of compatibility.

Check out or compatibility guide, here: iOS 13, iPadOS Compatibility For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Devices

If You Have An Apple Watch

You really need to take into consideration the fact that you have an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone. Don’t treat that expensive watchOS-running smartwatch of yours as a second-class citizen. Check out what you need to do to force a dedicated Apple Watch backup: How To Backup And Restore Apple Watch [Guide]

Update iTunes

This one is exactly as it says on the tin. In order to handle iOS 13 and get the level of compatibility that you need, you will need to have the latest version of iTunes installed. It’s actually always a great idea to keep iTunes up to date. Well, for as long as Apple is supporting and offering iTunes.

Update All App Store Apps

This one is relatively easy to do but always worth doing. Before you go through the process, head on over to the official iOS App Store and make sure that all of your installed applications are updated and that you are running the latest versions. You may find that there are more updates than you anticipate as developers release their “iOS 13 support” branches.

Charge To 100%

Ensure that your device is charged to 100%. This one isn’t rocket science and should be extremely easy to do. You definitely don’t want to go through the update process and then run out of battery during it.

Familiarize With iOS 13 Features

You could dive right in and start playing with iOS 13 and seeing what it offers on the fly, or, you could get up to speed before you actually get your hands on it. If you need to do the latter, then you can look through more than 100 iOS 13 features so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into ahead of the event: 100+ iOS 13 Hidden Features For iPhone And iPad [Running List]

Free Up Storage

You may have one of Apple’s largest capacity devices, which means that you may not need to free up any storage. However, if you have one of the lower capacity devices then you may need to clear up some space in order to ensure that the iOS 13 upgrade is successful. You can find some tips on how to do that here: 10 Tips To Free Storage Space On iPhone, iPad [Guide] 

Create Backup

This one should really go without saying but if you are going to wipe out the existing OS on your device and upgrade to the latest release, then you definitely want to make sure that you have all of your data backed up. You will likely already know this but you can opt to make that backup via iCloud or via iTunes, depending on your personal preference.

Check Jailbreak Status

Whether or not a jailbreak is available could impact whether or not you go through the process of putting iOS 13 onto your device. In order to get yourself up to speed, check out the iOS 13 jailbreak status before you proceed: Jailbreak iOS 13 / 13.1 Status Update [Continuously Updated With Latest Info]

Check Release Time In Your Region

Make sure you head on over to our post on global release times to find the localised release time in your specific region: iOS 13 Download Release Time In Your Region Time Zone.

Wait For Update To Release

You’re now perfectly placed to sit back and wait for Apple to release iOS 13 safe in the knowledge that you have done everything reasonably within your power to get your device primed for the installation.

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