Surprise! Flagship Android Phones Depreciate Twice As Fast As iPhones

We’ve known for as long as iPhones have been around that their Android contemporaries tend to fall in value more quickly. When you’re selling or buying an iPhone on the used market, it’s always going to be worth more than the equivalent Android phone.

But how much more? And how quickly does that value fall off a cliff?

That’s something that BankMyCell has been looking into, with the phone trading company sharing a ton of insights in its full report. But the most notable part? High-end Android phones lose their value twice as quickly as high-end iPhones do.

Smartphone owners of Google Pixel, LG, or Motorola devices better sit down. With average 2019-2020 smartphone resale depreciation values of 59.41%, consumers owning these brands can expect bad news when it comes to cashing in on their old tech. As you can expect from the iOS data above, iPhones are the most stable, depreciating, on average, at half the rate of an LG, Motorola, or Google Pixel phone year on year.

So which manufacturers fare worst? As ever, it isn’t great reading for Google with its Pixel phones worth around half of their original value on the used market in their first year. It’s even worse for LG and Motorola, with the latter nudging a 60% reduction in value.

The iPhone, for comparison, loses just 26% of its value in a full year, which means you can still sell a $999 iPhone for around $750. That’s consistent with what we all expected, although the numbers might be even more dramatic than we thought.

The full report really does make for some interesting reading, with the various manufacturers also broken down into their individual phones. Want to know how quickly an iPhone 7 lost its value? Now you can.

(Source: BankMyCell)

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