Sony Patents PS5 Faceplates, Possibly Opening Door For Selling Official Replacements

Sony has patented the PS5 faceplates that people either love or loathe, depending on whether they’re a fan of the matte black look.

The patent, which was actually filed a week before the console went on sale in November of last year, was published just a few days ago.

While Sony only sells a white PS5 right now, it’s hoped that by patenting the design of the outward-facing faceplates could mean that Sony now intends to sell different versions itself. Companies like dbrand have already sold third-party alternatives and received flak from Japan — but if Sony sells its own faceplates customers would be more than happy.

The idea of selling different faceplates is nothing new, of course. Part of the Microsoft Xbox 360’s charm was the fact you could swap the faceplate out for another one — with some games selling with custom faceplates as some sort of special edition pack. It’s possible Sony might have similar ideas for the PS5.

It’s also possible that Sony just wanted to patent the design to stop other companies from creating their own third-party add-ons, although we’ll have to wait and see.

It seems unlikely that we’ll never see a black PS5 for example, but whether that will come as an aftermarket situation or if people will need to buy whole new consoles remains to be seen.

(Via: Op Attack)

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