How To Fix Bad iOS 15 Battery Life Drain [Guide]

Here’s how to fix bad iOS 15 battery life drain issues and huge percentage problems with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices.

Whenever a big new software update arrives we hear from people who are dealing with battery life issues. That’s something that doesn’t always mean that something is wrong, with iOS taking care of indexing files, images, and more following the update. But here are some steps you can follow to try and work out exactly what is going on.

Check Which Apps Are Draining Battery

Some apps are just particularly bad at handling battery life for various reasons. Slack, Facebook, and Instagram are some culprits that we’ve dealt with in the past but you can see exactly what’s using your battery really easily. Head to Settings > Battery and all of your most power hungry apps will be laid bare.

Check Location Services

You would be surprised how often iOS can get itself into a little bit of a mess when it’s using your location, especially if a ton of apps are using it at the same time. You can check which apps have access by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Disable any apps that you don’t need to have any indication of your location — that’s a good step even if you aren’t having battery life issues, too!

Reduce Your Screen Brightness

We all like our screens to look great, but it absolutely destroys battery life. Try reducing your screen’s brightness or disabling Auto-Brightness.

Enable Low Power Mode

Try enabling Low Power mode to see if that helps make your device’s battery last a little longer. You can flick the switch by going to Settings > Battery and then toggling Low Power Mode to on. Remember that this will turn off some features like push email and will also turn your display off more quickly.

Reset All Settings

The semi-nuclear option, only really consider this if you’re completely out of ideas. Head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Do A Full Restore

The reall nuclear option, restoring iOS completely, might be the only way to go. We’ve covered how to do that before so follow our guide here. If you can, avoid using a backup when restoring, too. Nobody likes setting a device up from scratch, but if it works, it’s well worth the time.

Head to Apple

Either visit an Apple Store or get in touch with Apple via phone or online chat if you’re still having problems. However unlikely, it’s possible a hardware fault could be to blame.

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