iPod touch 4 / 4G to Get iPhone 4 Like Features: FaceTime, 5MP Camera and 720p HD Video Recording?

It’s been quite a while since Apple gave their iPod touch line a major refresh in terms of hardware. In fact all models since the 1st-gen iPod touch pretty much does the same thing. Although the 3rd-gen iPod touch, which is also known as iPod touch 3G is really fast compared to the previous generation iPod touches, but that is pretty much about it as it does the same thing – only faster. But now according to a leading UK retailer, Apple is going to pump up the next-gen iPod touch 4 / 4G with iPhone 4 like features such as FaceTime, 5MP camera with 720p video recording capabilities, A4 processor, gyroscope and a lot more!

iPod touch 4Leaked iPod touch 4G Prototype from May 2010.

According to John Lewis’ sources, the next gen iPod touch will boast tons of new features:

The new iPod touch will come packing a 5MP camera with HD video shooting skills, according to John Lewis which has just spilled the new specs at its Xmas in July event in central London. It detailed the new iPod Touch specs saying it’s based them on “noises we’re hearing from suppliers”.

The rest of the John Lewis slide predicts the new iPod touch camera will add a Flash to the 5Mp camera and capture HD video (presumably at 720p just like iPhone 4). It’s also promising YouTube uploading. Most excitingly, it claims the new iPod Touch will be the next device to come packing FaceTime with calls over Wi-Fi so it looks like there’ll be a front-facing camera too.

Finally, John Lewis claims the new iPod touch will pack in an accelerometer and gyroscope to further perk up its gaming credentials.

If this all is true, then the next-gen iPod touch will be an iPhone 4 minus the phone. All these features can certainly make this new iPod touch a dream media player to have, which is expected to be unveiled at the annual “Apple Media Event” in September of this year. iTunes in the cloud, the next-gen Apple TV, and iOS 4 for iPad are also expected to be unveiled at the same event. [via 9to5Mac]

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