iPod Touch with Camera (3rd Generation) Spotted?

A Chinese site named WeiPhone has got hold of what could possibly be the photos of the upcoming 3rd Generation iPod touch with Camera which is expected to be announced by Apple in their September product launch event. The photos in question clearly shows off the rumored camera which these new iPod touch’s would get. While I personally am skeptical about the rough scratches on the back, these pictures do look promising. What do you think? Could this in fact be a first look at the next-gen iPod touch?

iPod touch camera (3)

iPod touch camera (2)Appearance wise, it looks almost exactly the same as iPod touch 2G except for the 3 mega-pixel camera lens which can be seen on the back side.


iPod touch camera (4) Push Notification implementation from iPhone OS 3.0 firmware can be seen.


iPod touch camera (5)Camera app in the upcoming iPod touch firmware for the newer models.


iPod touch camera (1) It is remain to be seen whether the Camera app will support video recording feature which Apple has so far kept exclusive to iPhone 3GS even though the older models are perfectly capable of video recording.

Do you think Microsoft has done enough with Zune HD to hold off Apple and its upcoming iPod touch line?