How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone Without Computer

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone without using any computer at all the easy way.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular instant messaging service that is used by people around the world and across all kinds of devices from iPhones to Windows PCs.

But that wide breadth of support has a downside — it isn’t always easy for people who want to switch from one type of device to another. But there are ways to get around that.

If you’re switching from Android to an iPhone, for example, there are a couple of options although the first one we’re going to show you is undoubtedly the best one. You’ll see why!

Easiest Way: Using iCareFone App

Using the free iCareFone app is definitely the way to go if you’re moving from Android to an iPhone — here’s how to get the ball rolling. Just remember you’ll need WhatsApp installed on the iPhone first.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp, head to the Settings, and select Chat Backup.

Step 2: Tap Backup to make sure you have the latest chats saved.

Step 3: Download the free iCareFone app from the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone and Android device using a cable.

Step 5: Allow iCareFone access on the iPhone and Android device.

Step 6: Choose the backup file that you want to use —it’s usually the latest one.

Step 7: Authenticate via the Android device by entering your phone number.

Step 8: Follow the on0screen instructions to disable Find My iPhone on your device. You’ll need to authenticate using your Apple ID.

Step 9: Log into WhatsApp on your iPhone using the same details and then select to restore from iCloud.

That’s it! Your iPhone will restart and your chat history will be waiting for you.

Using Google Drive

Google Android devices allow users to back their WhatsApp chats up to iCloud Drive, but that isn’t the end of it. Because iOS won’t allow you to download the chats from anywhere other than iCloud, you’re stuck. There are apps that you can use with this method, but you’ll need to use your computer. That’s no good here.

Using Move to iOS

Apple’s Move to iOS app is available for free from the Google Play Store, but it is designed to transfer everything from one Android device to an iPhone. That isn’t really what we want to do here, which is why iCareFone is still the best way to go for most people.

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