Here’s An iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro Battery Life Drain Comparison

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone is finally here and, as expected, it’s flying off physical and digital shelves like there is no tomorrow. There are excellent upgrades to all devices in the range but the real question is, does the battery life on the iPhone 13 range live up to expectations and offer real improvements over last year’s releases?

As always, Apple took the opportunity to wax lyrical about the battery improvements made within the new iPhone 13 range. A lot of consumers will take Apple’s facts and figures as gospel, whereas others like to actually test out the claims and see if the real-world performance lives up to the battery claims made by Apple.

For those that can’t reliably put the device to the test themselves, the ever-giving PhoneBuff YouTube Channel has compiled a test that puts the iPhone 13 against the iPhone 13 Pro to see how the batteries stand up.

For the test, each of the screens on the devices was calibrated to 200 nits with the auto-brightness functionality turned off. The speakers were calibrated to ensure the same decibel count and with the same distance of a mini cell tower. Both devices were brand new with 100% battery health and were tested together in a temperature-controlled environment.

The PhoneBuff videos are always worth watching for the fact that they try to be as scientific as possible and go to great lengths to make everything as scientific and uniform as possible. If you want to skip all of the middle parts, then you end up knowing that both devices performed better from a battery perspective than their iPhone 12 counterparts.

For iPhone 13 Pro owners, owners can expect a 13% improvement over the older iPhone 12 Pro and you only need to search social media to understand just how impressive the battery is with owners taking every opportunity to wax lyrical about the performance. If you are thinking of investing in Apple’s latest flagship range, and if attery life is extremely important to you, then it’s definitely worth viewing this video in the first instance.

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