Fix iOS 13 No Service Issue After Upgrade, Here’s How

Here’s how to fix iOS 13 No Service issue after the upgrade of the firmware on your compatible iPhone device.

With iOS 13 now in the hands of everyone who wants it, there are bound to be some teething problems. Despite having been in beta for months, it’s just impossible or iOS 13 to launch at scale without something slipping through the cracks. We’ve already heard of some people experiencing the dreaded “No Service” issue, for example.

If you see that when you’re going about your normal business, then you assume it’s your carrier’s fault. But when you just updated to a new software release the chances are pretty good that things are different this time.

If you do find yourself staring at an iPhone or iPad that can’t connect to your carrier, there are a few things you can try that might get you back up and running.

Toggle Airplane Mode on and off

Sometimes just turning things off and on again can fix things. Who knew? Try enabling Airplane Mode and then disabling it again. If you’re really lucky, things might spring back into life.

Restart your device

Know how we said restarting things sometimes works? Well, sometimes you have to restart everything. Turn your device off, and then turn it back on. Maybe cross your fingers while you do it, too.

Check your SIM card

It could be absolutely coincidental that things went awry when you updated the software. Try removing your SIM card and then giving it a wipe before putting it back in. If that still doesn’t work, either try the card in another device or try another SIM in the one that’s having problems. Hopefully you’ll be able to pin the issue on either the SIM card, or your device.

Reset Network Settings

This isn’t a fun option, but it might work. Open the Settings app and go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and confirm. This will wipe all of your network settings, including WiFi passwords.

Wipe and restore your device

It’s almost the worst case scenario, but you might have to completely wipe your device and then set it up again. If you’re feeling up to it, then a full restore might be the way to go. We’ve covered how to do that before so be sure to check those guides out before you get started. Sometimes a clean installation of iOS 13 is all it needs to make things work once more.

Contact Apple

If you run out of ideas, sometimes Apple is the only way to go. You can visit an Apple Store, call a representative, or use the iPhone or iPad Apple Support app and chat online. However you do it, reach out to Apple and explain the situation. They’ll set you right.

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