How To Fix iOS 13 Estimating Time Remaining Stuck Issue

Here’s how to fix iOS 13 “Estimating Time Remaining” stuck issue on your iPhone or iPod touch device the right way.

iOS 13 launch day is here, which, inevitably, means that a fairly decent number of users will be having some installation issues when trying to get onboard.

Thankfully, we are also on hand to try and add some assistance where needed, including a suggestion on how to fix an issue with the iOS 13 download getting stuck with an “estimating time remaining” error.

Some iPhone owners with a compatible device will have learned from historical experiences and will forego the iOS 13 download on launch day. This is generally down to the fact that Apple’s authentication servers often get battered – for lack of technical terminology – which oftentimes results in some devices hanging and not being able to go through the full installation process successfully. For those who do simply need to get their hands on iOS 13 on launch day, be prepared to experience some issues and to maintain patience to bypass those issues.

One of the more prominent issues experienced on launch day manifests itself in the form of an on-screen messaging designed to inform the user how much time is remaining for the download and installation process. In some circumstances, the whole process can essentially fail but leave that message on the display with an “estimating time remaining” alert that never changes or never progresses. This is down to the fact that Apple’s authentication and download servers are getting peppered from all corners of the world and can sometimes suffer glitches and installation.

It would be amazing if there was some complex and overly technical solution that would rectify this problem and ensure that 100% of attempted downloads go through successfully.

Unfortunately, there is not and it’s simply a case of try and try again until Apple’s servers are able to successfully validate the download and get the installation through. If history is anything to go by, then this problem definitely will occur for some people when trying to get iOS 13 final on the device. But, on the positive side, history has also shown us that this problem is easy to overcome and rarely lasts any great length of time.

And, you never know, but Apple could also ramp up its server architecture to account for the increased load, which could hopefully result in no issues at all being experienced. Fingers crossed!

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