Cubbit Turns Any Hard Drive Into A Privacy-First Cloud, Gives You Distributed Cloud Storage Up To 4TB

How would you feel about entirely free-of-charge cloud storage up to 4TB, that is decentralized, offers privacy by design, and that immediately makes you part of a global “swarm” of users looking to take non-local file storage to the next level? With the Cubbit cell, you can do exactly that.

After an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, the Cubbit is now starting to ship to punters globally and is offering “forever-free, privacy-first, cloud storage”. The founders of the company make a compelling argument; why should people be forced to take their files, hand them over to data center owned by someone else, and then pay a regular recurring monthly fee to be able to access what belongs to them in the first place?

Cubbit looks to solve that issue by approaching the problem from a totally different angle and taking inspiration from the behavior of bees that become stronger and greater than the sum of their parts when they form a swarm. And that is exactly what a Cubbit is; a single device that forms part of a globally connected network.

If you purchase and connect a Cubbit cell to your router, you immediately get 512GB of cloud-based storage for just being part of the network. If you need additional storage, then you can connect a physical external storage device and your cloud space will increase by 50% of the attached storage, up to a maximum of 4TB. The files that you upload are heavily encrypted with military-grade encryption and are then split into chunks and stored across different physical devices all over the world that form part of the Cubbit network.

This system ensures that the files are 100% secure thanks to zero-knowledge technology, can be accessed from anywhere on any device by the owner, and performs 10x greener than a traditional cloud network. Only the owner has the requisite key to decrypt and view the files, meaning not even the Cubbit team can access or view files, even if they wanted to.

That is actually amazing but one of the best parts of the system is that you pay once for the Cubbit cell and then there are zero ongoing fees to store and access your data. It’s fast, it’s disaster-proof, and it offers multiple user accounts. It’s Cubbit and you can try it now by heading over to this link here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but we don’t get any commission from Cubbit sales made on Indiegogo.

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