Verizon to Carry iPhone 4 in January 2011 – Report

The iPhone 4 is probably one of the most beautiful and powerful smartphone out there! but too bad, it is limited to GSM and 3G (did I mention crappy AT&T ?) networks only. Unlike some of the Android phones like EVO 4G which are taking advantage of high 4G speeds on the likes of Sprint (4G capable CDMA network) and Verizon Wireless.

Previously, we informed you about CDMA version of the iPhone 4 which at that time was said to debut on Verizon in Q4 of 2010. But now according to this latest report from Bloomberg, it looks like there is a slight delay in plans for CDMA version of the iPhone 4 which is now said to be available to all Verizon customers by January 2011.

Verizon iPhone 4

Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile-phone company, will start selling Apple Inc.’s iPhone next year, ending AT&T Inc.’s exclusive hold on the smartphone in the U.S., two people familiar with the plans said.

The device will be available to customers in January, according to the people, who declined to be named because the information isn’t public. Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman, and Jeffrey Nelson, a Verizon Wireless spokesman, declined to comment.

In case if you’re wondering about “why the delay”? Well producing a CDMA iPhone 4 for the Verizon network means redoing the whole iPhone 4 design specifically for the CDMA network, in other words having a whole new setup and architecture to manufacture a new version of iPhone 4 which is specialized to run on CDMA powered networks.

Both Apple and Verizon declined to comment. Since this story is coming from Bloomberg, we think that there must be some sort of validity to it. What do you think? [via Bloomberg]

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