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According to informed sources at BGR, Apple has asked a few selected developers to prepare their apps that should support full screen resolution, and should be designed in a way to run on a larger screen rather than a 320×480 resolution screen of the iPhone. This news have given strength to the belief that Apple in its labs, has been discreetly preparing the long-rumored 7-inch tablet device to be made public in an event held in January 2010. Rumor also has it that a 9, and 11 inches tablets will follow this 7-inches tablet soon after.

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Apple Tablet Video Surfaces

By | December 12th, 2009

Up until now, we all have seen countless concept prototypes that shows off the supposedly rumored Apple Tablet which the folks in Cupertino have been secretly working on. But none of them comes close to this one, published by a French site named NoWhereElse. This is the prototype that I for one wish was for real.

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I came across this video at Channel 9 of PDC 2008 Open Space discussion with Steven Sinofsky where he talked about Windows 7, UI, Media Center, boot time, Touch, Surface and lots more. According to him there’s still a lot of stuff left to do for RTM, which is a great thing as Windows 7 […]

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