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Imran Hussain is a student of computer science and a passionate blogger with a deep interest in web technologies, Startup companies, Facebook, Youtube, gadgets and Apple's hardware. He loves to write and that's what fuels his passion. He can be reached at the email address given above. Drop him a hello, if you like his work!

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Windows Laptop Scout is a great tool though. If you’re looking for a new shiny laptop, this is where you should start. It’ll show you 4 options which are

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I came across this on ReadWriteWeb, and since I was planning on teaching my 11 year old brother how to program, this is a God sent!

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While playing around with the Pre-Beta Windows 7 build, I came around another little gimmick in 7 which makes your windows stretch across the screen vertically. Move your mouse over the top corner of the title bar of a non-maximized window where it should become a resize arrow, and then double click it. Your window […]

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Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3

By | November 4th, 2008

Our Hotmail accounts have finally been shifted over to Wave 3 now. We aren’t very fond of the very white look so far. Hopefully, it’ll become more meaningful, and less white over time. What are your opinions on the new Hotmail? Any problems that you are encountering ? Share with us!

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A SyncToy for the Cloud

By | November 2nd, 2008

Codename “Anchorage”, a project of SQL Services Labs is an evolution of SyncToy, a powertoy for Windows used to sync files between different computers, being developed for Windows Azure. It uses the Microsoft Sync Framework to let you keep different types of content synced across not just different PCs but also services and devices. Some […]

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I came across this video at Channel 9 of PDC 2008 Open Space discussion with Steven Sinofsky where he talked about Windows 7, UI, Media Center, boot time, Touch, Surface and lots more. According to him there’s still a lot of stuff left to do for RTM, which is a great thing as Windows 7 […]

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Windows 7 has  been in the news the past few days. Mr. Sinofsky demoed Windows 7 running on a netbook as well ( and I must say I loved the Windows 7 presentation too! ). Well, Laptop Mag got hold of the pre-beta Windows 7 build and installed it on an Asus Eee PC 1000H. […]

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Microsoft Update Product Team Blog has a new post announcing the roll out of an infrastructure update to Windows Update agent ( client code ), which will make it possible to install more than 80 updates at the same time. Over the next couple of months we’ll be rolling out another infrastructure update to the […]

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The $300 million “I’m a PC” marketing campaign continues as Microsoft sets camp in the front yard of its arrogant competitor. This picture taken from Birmingham, England shows ”I’m a PC” booth outside an Apple Store.

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Unless you haven’t noticed, there are around 968 pictures, so far, of the on going PDC 2008 at its official website, Microsoft PDC

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The latest ‘Get a Mac’ ads from Apple are really misleading and pathetic to say the least. The first ad, titled ‘Bean Counter’, makes fun of the $300 million “I’m a PC” marketing campaign, while the second ad, ‘V Word’, makes fun of Microsoft for not using the word ‘Vista’, but just ‘Windows’ in their […]

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Google Chrome looks as good on XP as it does on Vista. I like the blue title bar that shows up for Chrome in XP. I had been wondering how to get that theme in Windows Vista as well. If you use the Vista Basic theme, you can use Chrome with the blue theme in […]

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