PDC 2008 in approximately 1000 images.

Unless you haven’t noticed, there are around 968 pictures, so far, of the on going PDC 2008 at its official website, Microsoft PDC. A Silverlight photo viewer using DeepZoom, fetches all images tagged PDC 2008, from Flickr. The viewer is by Vertigo, and has navigation controls on all 4 sides, as well as controllable by a mouse with a scrolling wheel. You can also use cursor keys to navigate between the images. A slight annoyance you’ll notice is that the photo viewer actually ‘minimizes’ when it’s not focused which can be a bit irritating and you’ll have the find the image you were at again amongst the huge number of images.Capture

The great things about this viewer are endless. You don’t have to navigate through gazillion pages to view those images. That’s what you have to do to view images in Flickr. You can pan and zoom in and out fluidly, and the images just quickly as well. Having used this viewer on the website, now I’m actually addicted to it.Capture2

Now I hate the idea of navigating through many web pages to just view images. And this is just one of the examples of where Silverlight really pawns Flash!