Update to Windows Update Agent Coming Soon

Microsoft Update Product Team Blog has a new post announcing the roll out of an infrastructure update to Windows Update agent ( client code ), which will make it possible to install more than 80 updates at the same time.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be rolling out another infrastructure update to the Windows Update agent (client code). This update makes it possible for users to install more than 80 updates at the same time. For more information about this update, please refer to KB949104 (section referring to the 7.2.6001.788 update).

This is the issue this update will fix

When you try to install 80 or more updates at the same time from the Windows Update Web page or from the Microsoft Update Web page, you may receive the error code 0x80070057.

I wonder if installing these 80 updates would be pain free and without restarts. Personally, I never had any problem installing the huge number of updates needed after a fresh Windows Vista install, which are probably far less than 80 though.