Microsoft /web – News Aggregator

Microsoft Web is a fresh new, news aggregator by the company. It contains news from various popular sources (except Redmond Pie! 🙁 ). I’ve instantly fallen in love with this site, as it provides almost all Tech news you want on Microsoft, and other popular companies. Suckers would be quick to blast this as a marketing tactic for Microsoft news, but it doesn’t seem to be biased towards more Microsoft news so far. It’s got recommendations, tagged search, related news and many more.

A little, actually no, a lot of nitpicking now. I couldn’t find Redmond Pie, Liveside, istartedsomething and many other blogs on Microsoft in the blog directory! Yes, it’s a shocker. Although, you’ll find most MSDN Blogs in the directory. Mr. Microsoft!! include use us too, pretty please??