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We have two new sets of iPhone X cases for you to choose from today: one is from Spigen, and another is a company that you may not be expecting to have a case available at all – Mercedes.

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Fans of CarPlay and high-end German cars will be pleased to learn that Mercedes-Benz has confirmed its new MBUX infotainment system will include support for wireless CarPlay in future vehicles.

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Yesterday, Apple took the wraps off CarPlay, its official name for the iOS in the Car tech we first witnessed at WWDC. Having only really gathered an insight into CarPlay via iOS 7.1 beta releases, we’re now starting to see what these integrated systems will truly be made of, and after Volvo yesterday showcased CarPlay on one of its own upcoming automobiles, German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has done likewise for its soon-to-be-released fleet of C-Class cars.

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