The Perfect Instagram Features Guide For Marketing Magic In 2024

Ever stumbled upon an IG advertisement that compelled you so much that you ended up buying their products? Or have you ever come across a creator who just clicked and made you follow them? Well there’s no need to worry if your answer is yes to any of these questions.

It’s just excellent marketing by businesses and creators that compels us to make such decisions. In fact, almost 56.7% of social media users end up buying something online every week.

Marketing is not just limited to offline spaces anymore and with the introduction of social media, the complete scenario of marketing has changed over the years. With new features and strategies rolling out every day, it can get very hectic for brands and professional creators to choose the perfect strategy and tools that would work in their favor. That is why, this blog will cover all the latest Instagram features and marketing tactics of 2024 to help boost your brand and IG profile growth.

The Symbiotic Relationship of Instagram and Marketing

Instagram has already become an integral part of almost every marketing strategy in the market. No matter what your niche is, what type of business you run, or what your goals are on the platform, IG keeps releasing multiple tools and features to improve its user experience and use cases simultaneously.

The Meta-owned platform has already figured out that just like Facebook, Instagram has a very strong marketing potential and that’s exactly why they keep rolling out marketing-oriented features and tools to improve the marketing element of the platform and attract more businesses and creators to join the platform in order to meet their professional requirements.

Instagram and Marketing have already started to merge as two sides of a coin where one side doesn’t hold any value without the other. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes Instagram such a great platform for marketing? It’s the unique features and analytical tools the platform provides where every tool has its own significance in the world of Instagram and marketing.

Secret Marketing Tactics for Brands and Professionals to Conquer IG in 2024

A fun fact about Instagram is that almost 82.78% of marketers use IG to run marketing campaigns or at least promote something on the platform. That’s exactly why this blog won’t be discussing anything about those old greasy tactics that have been over-utilized for years. Instead, we’ll be covering every tactic that has been proven to provide solid results, promote organic growth, and is easily accessible to everyone out there. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Marketing tactics and tools for Brands and Businesses

  • Optimizing your Business Bio

The first impression is the last impression and as a brand, it’s your responsibility to make that first impression last on your new profile visitors. In fact, almost 53.8% of IG users research about the brand before they make a purchase from them. So you must ensure that your profile is a professional business account with a clear and visible logo as your profile picture.

Moreover, your profile must be optimized properly with keywords related to your brand and a link to your website to help your profile visitors find your products with ease.

  • The OG Instagram Reels

The most popular and successful feature of Instagram, Reels has got to be in your marketing strategy if you’re planning to take your brand from scratch to the skies. With around 63.2% of the total audience ranging from the age group of 18-34, IG reels can serve as the perfect feature for you to promote your brand and services to a very broad audience.

Furthermore, you can even club your reel creation tactic with investment in social media growth service providers to buy instagram reel views to reach millions of Instagram users and potential customers.

  • Make those stories and highlights count

IG stories and highlights have been around for a while but only 37% of brands actually make use of the feature to meet their professional goals. As a brand, you can always post stories about your products, latest coupons, and any offers that might be around to attract as many customers as you can.

These stories can even be added to the highlights with customer reviews, evergreen coupons, and your best product links to increase your sales and conversions through IG stories alone.

  • Tag along with Business Tags

IG Business tags are a very new feature to the platform that is still very highly underused. Instagram business tags have the ability to help your business reach the perfect customers who would be interested in your products and services.

  • Professional collaborations and Influencer marketing

Businesses are not just dependent on tools anymore. With the growth of Instagram, a surge of creators and influencers has also been noticed on the platform. These influencers have given the brands a whole new marketing tactic which is influencer marketing where brands and businesses can use Instagram’s collaboration post feature to create content with well-known personalities and creators to promote and reach the audience of those creators.

  • Start tracking your metrics already

Instagram analytics and insights have been around for a very long time and still it has remained a feature that has never been utilized to its full extent. Analyzing your IG metrics can reveal a ton of important data for you including the best time to post on IG, your audience’s preferences, your most engaging content, and even what is working for your business profile.

As a business, you can analyze your metrics and form a marketing strategy accordingly to increase your sales through Instagram alone.

  • Paid ads and pro tools

A recent survey found that most business and brand owners on Instagram utilize a whopping 9.2% of their total revenue for marketing purposes which is a considerable amount in any case. Having a return on Investment (ROI) of over 31.3%, Instagram ads and post boosting tools must be on your checklist if you’re a brand planning to promote over Instagram.

Professionals – Influencers and Public Figures

  • Link those drafts with your content calendar

Most content creators maintain a content calendar to stay on track and post content accordingly. But did you know that as a creator, you can draft your posts, reels, and even stories to post later? Well, Instagram’s draft feature does the same thing for you and helps preserve any ideas and posts that you might want to post at a later time.

  • Trending Audios

Audios and music have started to change the complete game on Instagram where using trending audios is already proving to be a great choice. Using trending audios in your reels can easily help you get more views, reach a whole lot of audience, and even create get noticed by the algorithm for continued organic growth on the platform.

  • Don’t underestimate the comment section and DMs

Instagram comments and DMs are often overlooked when the topic of Instagram marketing is brought up. However, you must understand that as a creator or influencer, engaging with your audience in the comments and DMs can provide you with two benefits.

  1. It can help you increase your post’s engagement that can ultimately help reach more audience who would organically engage with your content and even help you get tons of free Instagram likes.
  2. It can help create a one-on-one connection with your audience for a better reputation and authority.
  • Make Instagram Live your best friend

Going live on Instagram to connect with your audience is a tactic that’s being used for a really long time but is definitely something that can take your marketing to the next level. Again, going live can help you talk directly with your audience and promote any collaborative products live if you wish to.

  • Time to explore the Explore Page

The Instagram Explore page is full of trending audios and life changing ideas that you can copy and tweak as per your taste to create even better content and entertain your audience. Using this tactic can be a great way to find more content ideas and who knows, maybe you yourself might end up on the Explore page someday?

It’s a wrap!

It won’t be wrong if you compare Marketing and Instagram to bread and butter because these two complement each other so well. The time is long gone when you needed social media marketing experts to actually get some value out of the platforms. Now Instagram itself has become such a feature rich platform that no matter what you do or what your goals are, there’s something for everyone and the marketing possibilities are endless. So don’t wait anymore, go online and forge your digital world with your own hands.

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