Can I Play Games On My Apple Watch?

Smartwatches and wearables are the in-thing in today’s world. A smartwatch is a portable, wearable device that functions as a watch and integrates innovative components that make it an extension of a phone.

This means you get a touchscreen display, an operating system, and other gears that recreate the same functionality as smartphones. A typical example is the Apple iWatch.

It is arguably one of the most popular and sophisticated smartwatches on the market. The first edition was released in 2015, with over 4.2 million units sold. The success of that edition paved the way for newer models and improved functionality for every release.

One such feature is the ability to play selected games on these devices. Despite the smaller screen size and limited control buttons, the iWatch supports dozens of games. This article shares more insights on downloading, installing, and playing games on the Apple iWatch, from puzzles to slots and racing games.

How Do I Access Games on My Apple Watch?

As most users already know, the Apple ecosystem is very restricted. Unlike Android devices that can access more apps and games, iWatch users are limited to games in the App Store. To check for the available options, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your smartwatch to the iPhone.
  • Open the menu options on the watch and search for the App Store icon. If the icon is unavailable, update your device with the latest operating system.
  • Search for the available games, download them to your device, and install them to start playing.

The Apple watch has limited storage space, unlike most Android smartwatches. Older models like the Series 4 only have 4GB of storage, which cannot handle many games. However, newer models like the Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and 9 all have 32GB of storage, which is excellent. But this is still not sufficient, especially for high-end games. Ultimately, the watch allows you access to hundreds of games in the App Store, which is fantastic.

Can I play Casino Games on My Apple Watch?

The simple answer is yes. Many online casino developers are conscious of technological advancements and recent trends. Hence, optimizing online casinos and creating mobile and watch-friendly games are priorities. Not many of these games are available in the App Store, but if you browse through these casino reviews, you will find that dozens of platforms provide compatible games. These casinos offer hundreds of pokies and other simple table games that are easy to play on wearables. As a result, you can easily spin your favorite reels on the go from your iWatch.

Another benefit that the iWatch offers is fast payments. Many online casinos now support Apple Pay and other similar technology. As a result, you can easily fund your account using the iWatch. The gameplay is usually the same except for the much smaller screen. Despite the display size, the OS is efficient and provides a seamless gaming experience.

What Other Games Can I Play on My Apple Watch?

The App Store is packed with hundreds of games compatible with the watchOS. Some of these games are entirely free, while others require payment. The games are classified into different genres. That way, you can choose from casino games, strategy, racing, or arcade games. Below are some of the top games for all users:

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is an exciting multiplayer game that is suitable for family and friends. It is a classic trivia game that allows you to challenge another player in real-time. It features a spinning wheel with six categories. Each time you spin, a question pops up. The player who gets the first six questions correctly wins.

Trivia Crack on the App Store has thousands of questions. But the best part is that you can create more in the game factory. The game supports over 20 languages, and players can communicate, making it interactive. So far, Trivia Crack has an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and it is currently available for free in the App Store. Meanwhile, you must make some purchases to unlock the extra features like coins and endless lives.

Bubblegum Hero

Bubblegum Hero is a simple game that will keep you entertained for long hours. To play, select a hero from the list of available character options to get started. Afterward, you must inflate the bubblegum balloon to get the highest points. If your balloon is too small, it will flop, and you get zero points. Likewise, it will explode in your face if it’s too big.

The game is easy to understand, particularly for first-time users. It has 30 bubble gums with different features. The graphics are excellent, with funny animations and conventional sounds that make it fun to play. Bubblegum has a free version, but you must pay to unlock additional options like Gum Blast and VIP.


Amazingly, you can continue your chess game on the go right on your Apple Watch. The game is available on the App Store and offers numerous options. You can play against an AI or real players in the versus mode. When playing against AI, you can select from three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. That way, it is suitable for all levels of players.

To play chess on your Apple Watch, follow the same steps already described. You must have at least watchOS 4.0 or later installed on your device. The game is available in free mode, with an option to buy for more access to all of the game’s features.

Final Thoughts

All models of the Apple iWatch support gaming. However, newer models provide better experiences and are compatible with more games, including pokies. But before you consider playing games on your watch, you must check its compatibility. While the App Store provides many options, you might need to visit some third-party sites for a wider range of options.

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