Samsung May Launch Galaxy S4 Mini And Galaxy Watch Alongside Galaxy S4 [Report]

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is the smartphone nearly every Android fan is waiting to see this year, and according to a report over at SamMobile, the device will launch alongside a “mini” version of the revered handset, as well as a supposed “Galaxy Watch”. The latter is being touted as a contender to the as-yet unannounced ‘iWatch’ from Apple, and with a mini version of the Galaxy S III having been in circulation for a number of months now, it’s certainly plausible that both could accompany the main event.

The Galaxy S III mini has been somewhat successful in appealing to those with less disposable cash to spare, but it’s important to point out that it is, in no way, a Galaxy S III. Rather, it its merely a smaller device stylized in the same manner as the flagship, but in terms of features, it falls short in every department. That said, a large portion of smartphone owners seem content with the downsized, less feature-rich device, and thus, it would be a good move on Samsung’s part to offer a similar handset at the launch of the Galaxy S IV.

The talk of a potential iWatch rival is quite a bit more exciting however, and although neither Apple nor Samsung has signaled any real intention to go down that route, the blogosphere has been abuzz with speculation. A section of the tech world has always longed for an iWatch-type device from Apple, and with the previous generation of iPod nano, it looked as though Apple was testing the waters in terms of form factor. Despite having gone the other way in reverting to a design remnant of the iPod nano of old, iWatch coverage has gradually risen over the past six months or so, and wherever Apple lays its hat, Samsung tends to inquire.

No details have been revealed with regards to this alleged Galaxy Watch, and although there seems to be divided opinion as to whether the mobile market actually needs so-called ‘smart watches’, the mass interest in the Pebble Smartwatch may just have sent alarm bells ringing for both companies.

The Galaxy S IV is rumored to be arriving in April or May, depending on your chosen source, but to detract momentarily, would you consider such a device as a “Galaxy Watch”? Please share your thoughts via the usual mediums below!

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