DatFM Brings Dual-Pane File Management To Android With Focus On Common Operations Like Cut, Copy And Paste

File management is one of the most important elements for any sophisticated computer system. I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that Windows 8 has made file management so much easier and user friendly than any other previous version of the operating system. Akin to a computer, our smartphones and tablets today, too, have become sophisticated portable computers that can handle a variety of file types. Then, as with any Linux-based system, you need a clever file management system to get a lot of things done, including (but not limited to) making root-level changes to the operating system itself. In fact, a lot of areas of the operating system remain inaccessible if you cannot gain a proper file management software.

Android is, of course, no exception to this rule, and for that reason, you will find a really good variety of file management apps over at the Play Store. While there are some cheap apps in there, a lot of respectable names exist, too, like SolidExplorer, ES File Explorer, Total Commander etc. With such a mighty crowd to compete with, it’s hard to imagine any new entrant to make a splash, but apparently, DatFM is one that’s worth a look. Developed by XDA senior member Zorge.R, DatFM takes a more intuitive and practical approach towards file management on Android, not to mention a simplistic one. We’ll take a look at the salient features in just a bit.


DatFM is basically a dual-pane file manager that works best on tablets and/or devices with larger screens. Where it differs from others of its kind is how it approaches file management. What do you use a file manager for the most? A lot of people would answer “copying/pasting files, moving them around, managing the folder structure etc.” That’s exactly what this app focuses on. So, as soon as you make a selection, a panel pops up at the bottom of the screen, with convenient shortcuts for actions like creating a new folder, copy, cut and paste for the current selection, sharing, and a few others.


Then, unlike other file managers for Android, DatFM contains buttons for Back and One Level Up at the top, making it easier to navigate up the folder tree or go back to where you came from, putting the control in the user’s hands. Want to select the current folder path? No problem. Just tap in the address bar for DatFM, and the entire path will automatically be selected. The fact that the app displays two folders side-by-side only adds to the ease of use, and is definitely welcome.


DatFM is currently an alpha release, and hence, contains quite a few bugs, as well as feature restrictions. The developer strongly advises against using it for manipulation of sensitive/valuable data. Nevertheless, should you be the adventurous type, the current build is available for free over at the XDA forum link below.

(Source: XDA-Developers forum thread)

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