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Although the notion of Samsung joining the growing list of big-name companies purportedly delving into the smart watch market is not exactly news, yesterday, it was revealed that such a device could debut alongside the Galaxy S IV, whenever that may be. As a follow on from that story, SlashGear has caught wind of a few screenshots floating about a Korean message board which, it is claimed, offer an insight into the supposed smart watch, which is naturally being dubbed the ‘Galaxy Watch’.

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The Samsung Galaxy S IV is the smartphone nearly every Android fan is waiting to see this year, and according to a report over at SamMobile, the device will launch alongside a “mini” version of the revered handset, as well as a supposed “Galaxy Watch”. The latter is being touted as a contender to the as-yet unannounced ‘iWatch’ from Apple, and with a mini version of the Galaxy S III having been in circulation for a number of months now, it’s certainly plausible that both could accompany the main event.

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