Apple Testing iOS-Powered Smart Watch With Curved Display [Report]

When it comes to Apple based rumors, we have learned in the past that there is generally no smoke without fire, which could be a particularly interesting idiom for technology lovers considering the speculation surrounding an Apple branded wrist watch just won’t seem to go away. We’ve been hearing for quite some time that Apple is planning on jumping aboard the smart watch band wagon, but additional fuel has been added to the fire thanks to unnamed sources residing within the company’s Cupertino campus.

Previous conjecture about the purported Apple iWatch has been dismissed as nothing more than blind hope by those who think Apple could do things a little better than what is already on the market. However, The New York Times has recently picked up on the story and is claiming that not only is Apple interested in exploring wearable technology, but that they are already experimenting with an iOS powered watch that would more than likely benefit from connectivity to their existing mobile hardware.

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As a company, Apple has been successfully getting into the wrist watch conversation ever since consumers began purchasing third-party straps that turned the iPod nano into a fairly convincing timepiece. The general consensus is that the time wasn’t right to inject company resources into pursuing such technologies, but with the emergence of products like the Pebble and MetaWatch; it seems that the consumers’ attention, and wallets, have been captured by having an intelligent and versatile piece of tech strapped to their arm.

But, that’s not all, apart from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal also claims that the iWatch is pretty real and is currently being tested at Foxconn. And the smart watch would / could work in conjunction with the iPhone – or any other iOS device for that matter.

We’ve touched on the subject of a potential Apple iWatch in the past, with suggestions being made that Tim Cook’s company could be working directly with Intel to produce a product that contains Bluetooth 4.0 and an OLED display. Pete Bocko, who operates as the CTO for Corning Glass Technologies has gone on record stating that his company’s product is certainly capable of being molded around a cylindrical object that could be perfect for a product of this type. A former Apple employee, Bruce Tognazzini, has also been pretty vocal recently about the benefits that an Apple watch could bring to the company and their customers.


It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will actually hit the market with an intelligent watch that is built around the iOS operating system. However, with the current buzz surrounding this type of technology and the financial might and influence that the company has; it is extremely difficult to believe that they aren’t at least researching the possibilities behind the scenes.

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