Receipt For Android Gives The User Easy Shopping Lists With Budgeting Support

On a personal level, I hate shopping, but let’s just face it; you can’t always avoid it, or run away from it. At the beginning of the month, you may have to stock up on groceries, kitchen supplies, cat food, or pretty much anything else, and it doesn’t get any better than to have someone to help you out with that. Now, the problem that I face the most (and I am sure a lot of our readers can relate to it), is to keep forgetting what I had to purchase. Sometimes, it’s very obvious little items, while at others, it may be something as small as a pack of candies. Bottom line is, if you forgot it, you’ll regret it later, one way or the other.

Smartphones have made our lives easier in almost all aspects, helping us out in all the day-to-day routines. So, if they can help with all that, why not with shopping? I guess it’s not just my thought, either, considering that both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store – caterers of the two largest smartphone platforms – are riddled with quality shopping companion apps. For such a market, a new contender really has to outshine competition to make room for itself. Luckily, the simply-named Receipt is one such app that is looking to make a splash in this arena.


Receipt works with a very simply concept – create shopping lists for the whole month (or any period, for that matter) and check out items as you buy them. You may mark anything that you want – be it a phone, some grocery item, the new handbag that you’d been ogling at for weeks, or the shiny new shoes – and cross them off the list as you make the purchase. No need to add expenses as they occur, because Receipt will continue to add up your expenditure under one entry until you check out.

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The distinguishing feature of the app, however, isn’t the ability to add items and check them out. Instead, Receipt allows you set up a budget for the period, and at any given point in time, you can take a look at how much you have left to spend. It isn’t comprehensive finance management – not even by a long shot – but if you budgeted $50 for a shopping trip, you can always see how much your current purchases tally up to before setting your eyes on another item. Quite useful and handy to have!

Receipt will also give you useful insight into your spending habits using its Stats feature, whereby laying down in plain how much you spend in which period. The app is dead simple to use, and the interface looks neat, too. It won’t hurt to give it a try, considering that it’s available for free at the Play Store.

(Source: Receipt for Android at Play Store)

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