Move Over 5G, Donald Trump Already Has His Sights On 6G Internet

We may not yet have 5G internet, and it’s still warming up as one of the next big battlegrounds in cellular data, but that isn’t going to stop US President Trump from sticking his nose in and suggesting that he wants to see the US moving to 6G technology “as soon as possible.”

Nobody really knows what Trump was talking about here, although the suspicion is that it all revolves around a concern that the 5G push is going to be something that sees Chinese company Huawei get a foothold in places where Trump and various government agencies believes it shouldn’t. We know that the US government had previously considered working on its own 5G service, following the concern that “China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure.”

Thankfully, someone borrowed the company brain cell and realized it was a bad idea, and the whole idea was nixed.

Now, though, Trump is tweeting and everyone is once again taking notice. He’s unlikely to get his wish any time soon though; 5G is still in its infancy and doesn’t yet have a standard on which everyone can agree. The thought that anyone will come up with a 6G option any time soon is simply one that Trump, and indeed everyone else, should probably get out of their head sooner rather than later.

For now, let’s just enjoy Samsung’s sort-of-announced Galaxy S10 5G and those iPhones that claim to be 5G when they’re not.

Yeah. It’s a mess already, even without Trump being involved.

(Source: Donald Trump [Twitter])

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