Microsoft’s Windows 10 And Office 2019 Professional Are Now Starting From Just $12 For Limited Time

Here’s how you can get Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Office 2019 Professional starting from just $12 for a limited time.

With the current global situation and the fact that it is causing some people to be furloughed and others to work from home and in new and interesting ways, there has never been a better opportunity to pick up old hobbies, or even acquire new ones, such as building a brand new PC from scratch to give yourself the machine of your dreams.

It’s fun, challenging will give you new skills, and will definitely fill up any spare time that you have! Building a brand new machine, or even upgrading and renovating an existing one, takes patience, time, and skill, but it also brings with it massive rewards of satisfaction and the thrill of creating something that was purpose-built for you and your needs.

And, of course, once it has been built and it’s ready to rock and roll, you are going to want to furnish it with Microsoft’s finest operating system to date. Which is, of course, Windows 10 Pro.

You may think that you need to pay an arm and a leg for this software to get it registered but you really don’t. Check out the deal below that will get you Windows 10 Pro for just $11.90 using our secret discount code RM30 (make sure to take the code with you and use it during the checkout process or ll pay full price).

So, you are up and running with Windows 10 Pro, what else are you going to need? You are likely going to need to do some word processing at some point. If this is used for pleasure as well as professional then you will need a spreadsheet program and access to presentations. Thankfully, you can grab all of this in one fell swoop by getting access to Microsoft Office 2019 Professional for just $32.01 using the exact same RM30 discount code.

Again, remember to use that discount code as part of the easy and fast checkout process at Goodoffer24 otherwise you will end up paying the full listed price for your chosen package.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but we don’t get any commission from sales made on Goodoffer24.

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