iPhone 4G Search Warrant Revealed. Roommate Tip Led to Finder’s Arrest.

There is yet another twist in the “lost” iPhone 4G tale. The highly controversial search warrant of Gizmodo’s editor Jason Chen and affidavit (PDF link) has revealed that Brian Hogan’s (the guy who found the lost iPhone in a bar) roommate Katherine Martinson tip has led Apple and cops to the arrest of the iPhone 4G finder. She did this to save herself from any wrongdoings as Hogan used her computer to restore the iPhone OS following the remote wipe by Apple.

Brian Hogan

BGR has nicely broken down all the juicy tidbits as follows.

  • Apple, the company, not an individual employee nor any other entity, reported the missing phone.
  • the case was filed, in part, as a trade secrets violation which partially explains why the search was handled by the REACT (Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team) crimes unit.
  • Steve Jobs personally called Brian Lam to request the phone’s return. Lam agreed but with the condition that Apple provide a letter confirming the phone belonged to the Cupertino company.
  • Brian Hogan, who reportedly found the iPhone at the bar and sold it to Gizmodo, is identified as a suspect.
  • Jason Chen is being investigated for possible receipt of stolen property, theft and copying of a trade secret, and destruction of property worth more than $400.
  • Hogan was turned in by his roommate, Katherine Martinson, who was afraid of being caught up in this legal mess after Hogan plugged the iPhone prototype into her computer.
  • Prior to being searched by the police, Hogan and another roommate, Thomas Warner, hid Hogan’s computer, thumb drive, flash card, and the serial number stickers from the iPhone prototype. These items were found inside a local church, scattered amongst some bushes, and on the ground outside of a convenience store.
  • Hogan reportedly claims that Gizmodo paid him $8500 for the phone with a bonus once it was officially unveiled as the new iPhone. Hogan is said to have shown off a box of money totaling $5000 to his roommate.
  • No charges have been filed yet but they are expected in the near future. Presumably, Hogan is a focus but there is no word on whether Gizmodo or Chen will be included.

Next iPhone 4G - HD

Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone for general availability at the annual WWDC 2010 conference on June 7. iPhone OS 4 is also expected to be released at the same event.

If you have missed the entire “lost/stolen” iPhone 4G saga, you can catch up on all the event as they happened (in reverse chronological order) by following the links given below. [via Wired]

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