Mi-Stylus Turns your iPad into a “real” Tablet !

All the Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) are designed to be used with fingers. But occasionally, there are times when you wish you had a stylus to operate these devices. This is especially useful for iPad which really fails as a note-taking/drawing Tablet. Due to the capacitive nature of the screen, the traditional styluses don’t work with these devices. This Mi-Stylus “has a special impregnated tip that replicates the physics of the human finger”.


Yea I know that its very old-school to hold a stylus in your hand these days. But as I said, there comes a point where you need a stylus to do certain things. Think of those very cold conditions where you have your gloves on and are unable to interact with your device. With this capacitive stylus, you can operate any of your favorite iDevice with more precision and ease of navigation.


The best use of my-Stylus without a doubt would be when you want to doodle around with some drawing and sketching apps on your iPad, as it is quite tough to make a decent sketch with your bare fingers. Students can also make use of it in classrooms for taking quick notes on their iPads.


More info on it can be found at Milano’s website here. The Mi-Stylus costs around US $7, which to be honest is a reasonable deal to turn your iPad into a “true”. [via GadgetBlog]

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