Early iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield Tests Suggest Apple Might Have Hit The Jackpot

Apple released its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro yesterday along with the first iteration of the new Ceramic Shield that should make them more difficult to break. Apple claims that the new screens are up to four times better protected in terms of breakage when being dropped and it seems it might be right on the money.

While there are always doubts as to whether these claims are accurate one YouTuber has put them to the test.

MobileReviewsEh took a force meter to the new iPhones to see how things went and, so far, it seems things are looking good. According to his tests an iPhone 11 was able to withstand 352 Newtons of force. The iPhone 12, with the new display, could take 442 Newtons of force. That’s a good sign.

It was a similar story in terms of scratch resistance as well, with a Mohs hardness test showing that the iPhone 12 was able to withstand point six while point seven caused small scratches. An iPhone 11 scratched at points six and seven.

This Ceramic Shield is definitely tougher on the ‌iPhone‌ 12s. Quite a bit, over 100 newtons. It took a lot of effort to break this screen. The remainder of the ‌iPhone‌ in terms of scratch protection is similar to the ‌iPhone 11‌. Screen is a little more scratch resistant.

With more iPhones now in the hands of users we’ll no doubt get a better feel for how well these new screens hold up in real life. Hopefully Apple has found a winner with the new Ceramic Shield.

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