Apple’s iPhone 13 Is Holding Its Value More Than iPhone 12 And 11

Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup has been on sale for a few weeks now and apart from the great reviews it’s received, there’s one other thing of note here — the iPhone 13 holds its value insanely well.

How well? According to SellCell research which is based on data collected from 45 buyback vendors, the iPhone 13 has the best retention value of any other iPhone had two months after its launch.

To put that into perspective, an iPhone 13 model depreciated by just 25% on average, while an iPhone 11 lost almost 46% and an iPhone 12 lost 41% — all two months after launch.

What’s more, some devices have even recovered value after an initial dip.

  • The iPhone 13-series hasn’t just retained a lot of its value; between months one and two, some models have seen value recovery after an initial drop post-launch.
  • The premium models have held or regained value, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB regaining 1.4%, the 512 GB variant recovering 1.7% of its launch price, and the 128 GB version seeing an impressive 1.8% regain. The 256 GB model remained unchanged, losing 18.3% of its value in month one and holding value in month 2.

Part of this could well be down to not only high demand, but low yield as well. People buying an iPhone 13 today will still have to wait some considerable time before taking delivery which helps drive the used market up.

That’s probably a factor here, although it’s common knowledge that iPhones do generally hold their value better than competing Android devices.

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