Apple Watch Saves Yet Another Life, This Time An 80-Year Old Woman In Germany

Stories of Apple Watch saving lives continue to roll in as we tick past its fifth year on the market. Having something that’s constantly keeping tabs on your heart while it’s strapped to your wrist is a good thing indeed, and that’s come to the aid of an 80-year-old who was suffering from chest pains.

According to a report, an 80-year-old German woman underwent life-saving surgery after providing ECG readings to doctors. Those ECG readings came from his Apple Watch, according to the report.

The passionate Apple Watch wearer showed up in the Chest Pain Unit of the University Medical Center Mainz and complained about typical chest pain, irregular pulse and an intermittent presyncopies – all possible symptoms of coronary artery disease (CAD) and thus possible harbingers of a heart attack. The ECG recorded in the CPU as well as the results from blood testing were normal. Then, the patient presented ECG recordings to the cardiologists, which had previously been made with her watch. These recordings showed signs of marked, so-called ST segment depression – a clear sign for severe coronary ischemia.

One doctor went on to say that people should be more aware of what the Apple Watch and its ECG app can do.

As many experts and patients as possible worldwide should know that the Apple Watch ECG app can be used to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and it may also be able to detect coronary ischemia. When used appropriately, the digital diagnostic aids may prevent myocardial infarctions and save many lives – as in the case of the 80-year-old patient from Mainz. One could say it like this: An Apple a day may keep myocardial infarction away.

The ECG feature is only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer devices and even then only in supported countries. It’s one of the main reasons to upgrade to a modern Apple Watch and it’s impossible to argue with anything that has the potential to save lives.

(Source: EurekAlert)

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