Apple Didn’t Give Us A Proper macOS Monterey Wallpaper So Someone Else Did, And That Too A Dynamic One

When Apple released macOS Monterey last month it didn’t offer a photo wallpaper like it had for close to a decade when releasing major new updates.

Instead, we were treated to an abstract image and while it’s nice, it isn’t really the same. That’s something a trio of friends thought as well, so they set about creating their own wallpaper and turned the whole thing into a video.

The trio set about finding the perfect location in Monterey and after a few attempts, they did just that. After taking time-lapse photos of the spot the result was turned into not only still photos for use on static wallpapers, but also a dynamic wallpaper that changes from day to night and back again as time marches on.

Those keen to get a proper macOS Monterey wallpaper can download both the still and dynamic versions of the trio’s work right now and they are both free. The results are stunning and it makes it even more odd that Apple decided against continuing its own trend. Both the still and dynamic wallpapers can be found over at the YouTube video.

To get the dynamic wallpaper working, is simple. Simply set an official dynamic wallpaper on your Mac, head over to the “macOS Monterey.heic” dynamic wallpaper file, right click on it and select Services > Set Desktop Picture.

The big question now? What will Apple call macOS 13 and will we get a photo of a real Californian location? If not, hopefully this trio of friends will have us covered once more!

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