3-Pack Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System Going For A Bargain $169 Only

The Amazon-owned Eero whole-home mesh system is available to pick up via Amazon.com right now with an impressive $80 discount applied. The ongoing promotion means that you can get up to 5,000 square feet of coverage for a one-off purchase of just $169.

This system is perfect for people who have larger than average properties and who are struggling to get the best Wi-Fi coverage. In a world where a standard cheap router won’t cut it, or where the floor area is too much, this system can step in and provide a reliable and accessible Wi-Fi network spread out across three nodes in the property to ensure proper coverage for the best possible connection and speed experience.

Quite simply put, one of the nodes provided with this deal will connect to your existing router and start broadcasting a secondary network in the property. The other nodes are then distributed in various points of the property to form a mesh network and to ensure that you can connect to the network no matter where you are in the property.

The provided administration experience will also give you the power to see what devices are connected to your network and to control their access. If you wish to disable internet connectivity to a specific device – such as a child’s laptop or gaming system – then it can be done relatively simply. The system is also built on what Eero calls “TrueMesh technology” that enables the system to “intelligently route traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and dropoffs.” The system is also highly extensible so you can add new nodes to the network at any time you like to extend the coverage.

For anyone who has been receiving sketchy Wi-Fi coverage in their property with their ISP-provided router, then this could be the perfect deal for you to remove those blackspots and get the reliable Wi-Fi experience that you deserve. Jump on over to the direct link below right now to pick up the whole-home Amazon Eero mesh system for just $169. No discount codes or coupons are needed to receive this discount.

Buy: Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System from Amazon: $169 | Original price: $249

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