Watch This iOS 11 ARKit-Powered App Accurately Measure A Room’s Area [Video]

Apple’s upcoming iOS release, iOS 11, is expected to arrive in September alongside multiple new iPhones, and when it was announced during the opening keynote of WWDC, there was plenty of attention lavished on one of the new features that it will bring to the table.

The new feature in question is support for Apple’s new ARKit framework, something designed to give developers the tools they need to create apps that leverage the power of augmented reality in a way that was previously simply impossible.

Since the arrival of the first iOS 11 beta, we have been seeing demonstrations of what ARKit is capable of, and that continues with a new video showing us again how powerful the framework can be. The video, posted to YouTube by the Made With ARKit channel shows an app that measures distances in the real world.

We have seen videos of ARKit-powered tape measures before, but this app allows a user to measure between multiple points and then have the app work out the area of the space they just measured.

The example used is one in which a kitchen is measured after the start and end points are joined up. As the measuring takes place, each leg is measured individually before the total area is calculated once the final line is “drawn” by the app. It’s impressive stuff to watch, and is another example of where developers can take iOS devices thanks to ARKit.

With iOS 11 set to arrive in a few short months, we will surely see some of these apps appear in the App Store, and it’s excellent news for those of us who were worried that ARKit would simply be used to give us a million new games with dragons flying around our homes. Well done, developers; our faith in you has been restored.

(Source: Made With ARKit [YouTube])

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