Tiger Woods Neighbors Daughter: Raychel Coudriet

Ever since Tiger’s multiple extramarital affairs went public and dominated the media in the whole world, his return to golf was also highly anticipated and was the demand of his fans. After extending his unconditional apology to his family, friends and fans in his public appearance on Feb 19, it rather became obvious that he is waiting for an opportune time to return to Golf Course. He was successful in impressing the audience with his emotional speech and it appears that now everyone has forgiven him.

Tiger Woods Neighbors Daughter Raychel Coudriet

It’s rather unfortunate that no sooner Tiger Woods started worming up to make a comeback this week at the 2010 Masters Tournament, yet another mistress has come forward with serious allegations of illicit affairs with Star Champion of US Golf world. Incidentally, this time the mistress isn’t too far from his home rather she is the young daughter of Tiger and Elin’s next-door neighbors. Tiger Woods affair with Neighbors Daughter, Raychel Coudriet , after a series of mistresses, one to another, Raychel Coudriet appeared out of the blue. She may be an ordinary girl but she is in news actually because she is Tiger woods Neighbor and youngest mistress. Raychel Coudriet is now 22, and According the an interview with the National Enquirer, She claims that she had a one night stand experience with the golfer. According to her, everything happened at Tiger’s private office. If this shocking story is true, then Raychel Coudriet would be the latest, closest and youngest mistress Tiger woods had or we know till now.

Is this story really true? Had this neighborhood affair really happened? Well with this highly explosive news reconfirmed by some reliable sources? Till then we will have to wait on what Tiger woods would have to say. Does this mean that there are some more dirty linen for Woods to wash? Will Tiger Wood be able to land in Golf Course as planned?

We will keep you posted on the latest on Tiger Woods affairs, stay tune.  [Via WorldBuzzNow]