This USB-C Charging Cable Displays Watts Being Consumed To Charge Your Device

There are tons and tons of USB-C charging cables to be had right now. Searching Amazon shows cables are offered from companies both big and small, but they all do the same thing — they charge your devices.

But what if there was a cable that did something else? That’s the CHIPOFY USB-C Cable — a cable that has a built-in display that shows you just how quickly you’re charging your phones, tablets, and more.

We can’t be alone in having looked at a cable and sometimes wondered just how much power it is providing to whatever it is plugged into. That’s where this cable comes in so handy because it takes away that question mark, all while charging your devices at a maximum of 100W. Charging more slowly? This cable will tell you!

This could be a great way to tell whether your power brick is up to the job, or whether something is wrong with the charging port on your machine. Whatever the reason for your curiosity, this cable will satiate it!

You can order a cable of your own, running 6.6ft long, for $25.99 direct from Amazon. It’s even nylon braided for increased durability and reliability. What more could you possibly need?

The only downside? There’s a little wait before your cable will arrive — a couple of months, unfortunately.

Buy: 100W PD USB-C Cable with E-Marker Smart Chip from Amazon: $25.99

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