Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta v9 Released, Here’s How It Looks

After many, many false starts Tesla has now released its Full Self-Driving Beta v9 software update and people have been taking it for a spin since it landed this past weekend. The update is one that’s been touted as a big deal by CEO Elon Musk while he also admitted that it was more difficult to build than expected.

The new update’s release notes don’t go into great detail about what the update offers — instead focusing on making sure that all of the safety and liability points are checked off.

Full Self-Driving is in early limited access Beta and must be used with additional caution. It may do the wrong thing at the worst time, so you must always keep your hands on the wheel and pay extra attention on the road. Do not become complacent. When Full Self-Driving is enabled your vehicle will make lane changes off highway, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. Use Full Self-Driving in limited Bata only if you will pay constant attention to the road, and be prepared to act immediately, especially around blind corners, crossing intersections, and in narrow driving situations.

Despite that limited beta, there are already plenty of videos on YouTube that show the new system running. The new beta uses Tesla’s on-car cameras to map out its surroundings rather than the other sensors that were previously there to do the same job. That now seems to mean that the in-car graphics look much better, with improved lines and intersection construction on-screen.

We’ve embedded a couple of videos showing the new beta in action and you can take a look for yourself.

As impressive as this does look, it’s still important to remember that betas are betas, and they should be treated as such — especially when hurtling a multi-ton hunk of metal down the road.

(Via: Electrek)

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